Saturday, March 02, 2013

Killer Rabbit

In the mid 1960's a bunch of mostly Dallas-based guys, including David Witts (my dad's lawyer at the time), Wick Fowler (of chili mix fame), Frank Tolbert, Carroll Shelby, and commercial artist Bill Neale, all got involved in promoting a land project in the Big Bend area of West Texas.

It was near the ghost town of Terlingua. Among other things, they used/promoted/founded to sell land in the desert was The World Chili Championship and Carroll Shelby's Ford-sponsored racing enterprises. Bill Neale designed a logo for the Terlingua Ranch that combined the style of a medieval heraldic crest lion with a West Texas jack rabbit. This became the logo for the Terlingua Racing Team (which was seen on Ford Shelby Cobras racing and winning in Europe).

I've long been a fan of the Terlingua Racing Team (which kinda actually existed/exists). It epitomized the elements of the Texas Legend I find most appealing.

On a trip to Alpine, Texas (the gateway to the Big Bend), I ran across an outpost of the Terlingua Team at a place called The Stable Performance Cars (run by the retired regional director of the US Border patrol). They race the Terlingua Racing Team Carroll Shelby Mustangs, and they sell stuff.

That's where I bought my Official Terlingua Racing Team Cap.

1967 Shelby-American Mustang at The Stable Performance Cars in Alpine, Texas.


Wms65GTFastback said...

Would Pop's be interested in working a trade for the Terlingua cap? I had one for ten years and recently lost mine!
Thank you

PM Summer said...

Call these folks in Alpine.

Good luck!