Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Second chance.

I got this Ecuadorian straw hat several years ago from Orvis. One could call it a Panama if one felt so inclined... I don't.

The sub-fino straw was woven in Ecuador, and then made into a hat here in the USA. It's a "one size fits all" hat, and I have blamed that design (it's the elastic sweatband) for the odd transition between the brim and the crown. The proportions are off, or the crown is too high, or something. I've just never felt comfortable with it, eve though I like the general shape.

Any way, it's hung unused in my office. My old favorite straw died this spring (I think it's decomposing), so I set out to find a new straw hat for the summer (no pun intended). I'm giving this one another try after buying and returning a similar hat from Woolrich that was advertised as a "Panama-style" hat. The hat was from China, and instead of straw, it was made from woven paper. Back it went.

Financial constraints prevent me from ordering a Havana-style Panama hat, so this hat (much like the previous post) is getting a second chance.

Wednesday, June 03, 2009

Not a Panama.

This is a toquilla straw hat from Ecuador, commonly called a Panama hat because of their popularity there as an export item during the years the Panama Canal was dug. The name stuck. So, it really is a "Panama" hat, but Panama hats aren't from Panama, but Ecuador instead.

I've had this hat for a few years, but never really liked it's "roll-up" style. This year, in need of a new, cool straw hat, I formed the crease in the front of the crown (it had been just a plain barrel). I like it much better now. But I really want one like my cousin Harry Truman wore.

Tuesday, June 02, 2009

Summer Helmet

A Made'n Murhica pith helmet. The manufacturer's name is the unfortunate "Dorfman-Pacific". I say unfortunate, because I get looks like I'm wearing a "Dorkman-Specific" hat when I don this. But it's incredibly cool (ventilated), and I wear it when I am riding the Arched Bicycle of Canterbury (seen in the background). Helmets are required in Dallas.