Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Gad zooks! A new hat!

A couple of years ago (or less), I gave my mesh-back cap to my nephew living in So-Cal... sort of a talisman. He's in the tv/film industry, he admired my cap (Cooper's Old Tyme Pit BBQ, Llano, Texas), and so I gave it to him.

I've been half-heartedly keeping my eyes open for a replacement, but nothing suitable presented itself. Until today.

Made in Viet Nam (further blurring of the line between victory and defeat). All black, 1/2 mesh, hook'n loop closure strap... and a simple logo design that is graphically striking.

Dzuik's Meat Market is in Castroville, Texas, and is a Texas-Polish butcher in a Texas-Alsatian town. We went there today as my birthday treat. We got a steak, some chicken fajita meat, a couple of dried beef-and-pork sausages (regular and jalapeño), and a pound of parisa.

Nice hat from Dzuik's (pronounced GEE-ucks in Polish... Zooks in Texan).

Editor's Note: I have been informed by a young lady of the Dzuik family that they pronounce Dzuik as "Juke." Well, there you go.