Sunday, August 30, 2009

Step up, son.

Some may recall my late, lamented John B. Stetson straw hat. It lives on as my yard-work hat, but it is not presentable for public viewing. I've been looking for a Western style replacement hat, but without luck (in my price range). But...

I made a barbecue expedition to Garland yesterday to try out a little drive-up called "Meshack's" (borrowing its name from a long closed South Dallas BBQ joint of some fame). It was worth the trip, and stands in my book right now as a top three BBQ spot in DFW. It's on Avenue B. Check it out.

Being out in the "Land of Gar" is a rarity for me, so I decided to make the most of the trip and swing by the Resistol Hat Factory and check out their outlet store. There it was, a Stetson 10X "Rancher" straw with side vents, in one of the two sizes that fit my cranium (a 7-5/8th).

I wore it to church this morning, and someone commented (looking at my sneakers), "Where're yer boots?" to which I replied, "It's a hat, not a costume."