Thursday, August 03, 2006

As LBJ imitator.

Cruising the Texas Hill Country, behind the wheel of a Lincoln Town Car, ca. 1994.

The featured hat was made by Manny Gammage at Texas Hatters in Austin (then) in approximately 1975. Gammage later moved his shop to Buda, and now to Lockhart (where I think his son runs it).

When I asked Gammage to make this hat, he remarked, "Only old men and Mexicans wear hats like that!", the first part of which explains why I wanted one. I grew up calling this style a "Rancher's hat", but it became known as an "LBJ" due to Lyndon Johnson's preference for the style. Stetson calls it an "Open Road". I noticed that Texas Hatters now calls it a "W" after the current Resident of the White House, however, I've never seen "Mr. All Hat and No Cattle" wear a hat like this, prefering the more flamboyant styles made popular by Hollywood.

It is my intent to take this hat and a similar Stetson of my Dad's to Texas Hatters for complete refurbishments this fall. I will make damn sure they don't put "W" on the ticket to indicate style.

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