Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Road kill

As the search for a new straw hat winds down (a winner to be revealed soon... hopefully), I nonetheless keep my eyes open for other cancer-preventing head coverings. I spied this company-issue hat along the side of Farm-to-Market Road 1626 the other day. I washed it in the dishwasher twice. For novelty use only.

Black cotton brushed-twill ball cap, embroidered logo, manufactured by Cintas.

In college, I dined at Church's with great regularity. I'd buy a two-piece snack-box with a wing, a drumstick, a yeast roll, and a jalapeƱo for $1.19. At that time, Church's was a San Antonio-based company, and their fried chicken was the best chain-chicken on the market. They over-expanded, and fell into the hands of their major competitor, Popeye's Chicken out of Louisiana. Swamp-death to the brand, as Popeye's made Church's the "lowest priced" fried chicken place... with low-price quality.

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